West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky

I worked for Terminix a little over four years, three of them as service manager for a great bunch of technicians. I’ve been in pest control business for about 15 years. My happy day started on the 20th of December a week before Christmas. I was told they were going to replace me. It happened to be an acting branch manager from another branch. I was going to get an $1100 pay cut and get to run a route again which I was doing anyway for four months prior because of technicians quitting or getting fired by our god-like branch manager. Come to find out the “NEW” service manager wasn’t allowed to work at his branch anymore because of cussing out his employees; Human Resources never did anything about it, and the Region manager (his buddy) decided to give him my job.  So I made them fire me. I couldn’t take the big pay cut; and yes, I’ve seen it all there: Falsified records… jobs completed that weren’t done… a $30,000 insulation job that was completed 4 months before it was finished just to make the budget look good… termite stations that were supposed to be replaced with the new Advance stations were completed in the computer but not at the customers’ home or business.  When I left, there was about 75 still not replaced.   And so on and so on.  Problem is that the region, branch, termite and service managers are all sales people.  They’re not service oriented at all. Our branch manager sent a tech out to get rid of bat eggs from a church.  No such thing.  He also wanted to know what kind of bait we put in mechanical traps.  NONE. Just an example of the stupidity at Terminix.  No proper training at all.  Anyway, I’m glad I’m gone.  Stay away from Terminix unless you like 10-minute services.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.