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I hired Terminix in 9/97 to treat carpenter ants; they’ve been back twice and the guy they are sending just doesn’t seem to have a strategy (once he manages to make an appointment, that is) to solve the problem… all he does is spray the interior baseboards and where I point out problem areas. Two requests by me to spray the outside perimeter of the house were ignored. I called another company to ask what they would do to treat this problem if Terminix were to leave the situation unmanageable. The answer was far more extensive – for only $150 more, including spraying the exterior perimeter AND possibly injecting chemicals into the wall voids if indicated. I got fed up with Terminix and called another exterminating company for my ant problem.  They came last Saturday and their first plan was to inject the interior walls and spray outside… two things I couldn’t get Terminix to do.  Twenty minutes later, the main nest was discovered and destroyed. Some ants are still showing up dead but that may have been it. As a result, I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, requesting “return of amount paid” due to shoddy and superficial work and Breach of Contract; evidence was the new company’s success.

5/98 – Consumer Affairs called two weeks ago to inform me I will be getting a refund of the fee paid to Terminix last September for the carpenter ant contract they were apparently unable to fulfill, after I showed the new company I hired – for exactly the same price! – eliminated the nest the day their technician arrived.  The ants have been gone for 3 weeks so far. We’ll see if the check is really in the mail, though.

6/98 – The manager of the Hicksville, NY, franchise told Nassau County Consumer Affairs that refunds must be processed through headquarters (Tennessee?). So far, nothing; and Consumer Affairs told me 3 days ago, “I have your case in front of me.  I have to call her (the manager) to harass her again.  Did I forget to say I’d be surprised if Terminix lived up to a refund?”

7/98 – After the promised refund by Nassau County (Long Island) Consumer Affairs didn’t appear week after week, I finally e-mailed Terminix HQ. A quick apology followed, and this week a check arrived. So maybe it was the combination of e-mail and badgering by Consumer Affairs.  Perhaps Terminix is trying to clean up its record?

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.