On January 30, 1998, my parents (who are in their sixties) were visited by a “Terminix man” who had been setting up a treatment with the people who live across the street from them. He told them that their neighbors had termites and the treatment they had installed would drive the termites from their (neighbors’) home but that they would probably come over to my parents’ home.  The Terminix man then did an “inspection” and told my parents they have termites.  Before signing the agreement to treat their home, the Terminix man said he would be back in a month to show them the termites that were dead in the trap. My parents paid him $200 as a down payment on January 31.  Dad called the regional office after a month had elapsed and no one ever came to inspect the traps. He was told that the manager would return his call.  They never did. Since then, Terminix has been billing him for the balance owed.  Dad has not paid them, and on Friday, April 17, called the regional office again to talk to the manager. Once again he was told the manager would return his call but never did.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.