I am an existing Terminix customer.  My home was treated for underground termite protection by Terminix in 1988 using conventional chemical barrier methods.  We had to have several “retreats” done to finally prevent any more swarmers from entering the home.  Terminix did fix the problem, and we have not seen any swarmers or any other evidence of termites in the past couple of years.  This month, I had to have some foundation structural repair work done on my home.  Terminix tells me that this will violate my warranty unless they install a baiting system at a cost of $1,000.  Supposedly, this full retail cost would be $1,920; but they are giving me a discount since this is considered a retreat of an existing customer under contract. Using conventional chemicals, a retreatment of the small area of my home impacted by the recent foundation repairs would only cost $350.  However, Terminix tells me that the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection prohibits them from using the chemical treatment because, in a totally separate area of the home, there is a French drain. I believe Terminix is referring to its agreement with the PA DEP referenced in an article I found on your web site. I live in an urban area of Pittsburgh, and there are no wells or waterways anywhere near the property.  I do not believe that the very limited re-treat of the area of my home impacted by the foundation repair poses a viable threat to the environment.  Are you aware of anyone else with this situation?  I am concerned Terminix is using the issue with the PA DEP to coerce me into purchasing the higher-cost bait system that may really not be necessary.

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