Spring Hill, Florida

I was a Sears Termite & Pest Control customer; and when Terminix bought out Sear’s contracts, I stayed with Terminix because I would have to start over again with someone new and it would be costly. Terminix put in the Sentricon bait system. After a couple of months they left a note on my door that termites were detected in certain bait tubes and they would be looking at them monthly.  This was in October, then in December they sent me a letter stating that since no termites were detected in the last 5 months at my house they would only be coming out quarterly! I called the service center and was told the letter was a mistake, that someone did not put in the computer that I was suppose to be monitored monthly.  In January someone finally came to my house. I had also asked that they call my house at least the day before the tech was coming to my house as my mom has the beginnings of Alzheimers and other medical problems and if I’m not there she gets very upset with strange men walking around the outside of the house.  I’ve had this service for approx 2-3 years, and I have complained many times to the women that answer the phones and to 2 or 3 managers but the techs rarely call before they come.  Yet I’ve always been assured that they will every time I call!! The last straw was a few months ago. I just happened to be home when a tech came (of course he never called), and I showed him a few of the bait stations that were sticking out of the ground and the holes that were made in the ground but not filled in. He said the stations were put in improperly and he would fix them.  Well a week after he came I noticed two of my bushes (planted 4-5 years ago) were dying and within two weeks they were dead.  I called Terminix and spoke to a manager. He said the products they use are not harmful and my bushes must have died for some other reason! I also complained about having termites since I’ve had these bait stations and when were they going to start working.  He said he would come out and have a look and get back to me. I never heard from him by phone but he left a note on my door the following week stating that I had no termite activity! I thought it was funny that I’ve had termite activity for almost 2 years and now suddenly I complain and the following week the termites are gone!  I would not recommend Terminix to anyone. Their customer service is non-existent and I don’t think their techs know what they are doing (if they’re doing anything). My contract with them is up for renewal and I called them on 3/5/04 and told them to come get their bait stations as I was not renewing my contract.  I told them to get them by 3/9. The tech called 3/8 and my daughter told him it was ok to come the next day to get them. It’s now 3/14 and they still have not come, and yesterday I received another renewal notice from them! As I said, they have no customer service.  I am now going with a company that uses Termidor.  Initially I will have to pay more since I am a new customer, but it will be worth it and my home will be protected from termites with a product that works better than any bait stations. The customer service from what friends have told me from their experiences is good too so it will be worth the money. I wish I had come across your website sooner.  I would never have gone with Terminix.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.