I would not recommend Terminix service to anyone. I first tried to enlist their help because we had sand fleas in our backyard, which they gestured they should be able to help with by putting “granules” in the backyard. I don’t know if they ever did this or not because all I ever seen them do was spray around the house with their unknown pesticide and clean “cobwebs.” After a few months service, what they provided made no difference whatsoever. They might have helped with other bugs I didn’t see, but I wasn’t able to see any difference with the sand fleas that I had originally enlisted their help for. So I cancelled their service and that was maybe a year and a half ago. About six months ago, a nice young man greeted me at my front door. He was very cordial and apparently represented a Terminix “sister company,” but he claimed he wasn’t Terminix. What he said sounded reasonable so I agreed to his terms, which to me, sounded like a $45 month-to-month agreement that I could cancel anytime. Things went awry immediately because the next day I was hit with an unexpected $90 bill that the young man made no indication to. I messaged the man about my surprise and he apologized for not being clear so I forgave him. I was also dismayed when the charged posted, because it appeared under the name Terminix and not the sister company the man claimed to be a part of. Thereafter I continued to be charged $45/month, which began to raise suspicion with me because I felt like I would only see someone come by the house once every two or three months. I was under the impression that someone would be coming every month since that was the manner with which I was being charged. I finally decided to call their customer service tonight after once again seeing their charge on my bank without having seen anybody come by for at least two months. We are also in the winter months, so there’s hardly any bugs anyway and yet, they persist in charging.. I digress, so I call and the man informs me that the service is, in fact, intermittent and they only come once every three months. This wasn’t made clear from the beginning. What also wasn’t made clear was that I was secretly signed onto a one-year service contract. One that I could not break unless I paid a $70 cancellation fee. I begrudgingly paid the fee and I hope to be done with Terminix forever. They are a bunch of crooks who are sneaky and dishonest and underdeliver when it comes to providing service. Good riddance. I wish I could have all of the money back I paid them because they didn’t earn any of it.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.