I bought a house that had a lot of surprise problems. One of the worst was the amount of access points that rodents used, and the resulting nest in my attic. I shopped around for rodent extractions and eventually chose Terminex because their experts on the scene were very thorough and helpful. However, I wish I had gone anywhere else. The actual job went well, but their financing company is a nightmare. They hit me with surprise 90-day payback program where I had to pay back the loan (and additional surprise fees they’d added) in 90 days or I’d be hit with an 18% interest rate compounded daily. I have a good credit score, and after the other house surprises I’d chosen the financing option because I didn’t want to risk taking the attic remediation chunk out of my savings. I tried to call the different companies, Terminex and their $MAC, but no body would help or give me answers as to what had changed. I managed to bite the bullet and pay the funds because I didn’t want my credit score to tank. Come to find out, they reported to the credit bureaus that I hadn’t paid anything since opening the account on December 1st. By then I had already made my first payment AND the down-payment on the loan. Because of this, my credit score is suffering. I filed a dispute with the credit bureau to expedite their record updates, and I will never finance with Terminex again. This has been a nightmare both financially and mentally, and there is no way in hell I would recommend this service to someone else.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.