Took a 2 year contract out for termite treatment at my cabin in spring of 2019 traps were set treatment was done the second treatment in 2020 i am sure never was done no appointment was made no show on security cameras then May of 2021 a $271.00 charge shows up on my credit card for another treatment that i did not authorize no appointment made no show on the cameras i call customer service ah no sir you authorized this treatment ya right told them to wipe off there customer list and i wanted a refund ok sir will have a appointment set up to remove the traps and a refund NOT! no refund traps are still there the funniest part i get a text a week or so after talking to customer service this is Brandon picking traps up today OK! not he comes back the private road to the gate NO LOCK a good neighbor at the end of the road ask what he was doing tells my neighbor he instructs him go through gate last cabin on left still have the and no refund they got my money and i got screwed

Submitted by david ickes from york springs pa.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.