SO I ordered Terminix because one of my roommates had brought cockroaches from her other apt when she moved in. They came out, after rescheduling 3 times and still not making it on time, and put brown stuff on my kitchen walls and a few sticky traps out. Never went into any other rooms. called back and had them come out three separate times and finally one guy went into the bedrooms and sprayed. (they had rescheduled many times in between again) so then my next 89$ installment comes out and the guy comes out and does only outside, doesn’t touch the wasp nests or the carpenter bees or the 2 ft. tall ant bed by my back door. so I finally called to cancel and request a refund. they sent me to the cancellation specialist and she talked me into giving the manager a chance to come out and deal with it. Guess what? He called to reschedule and never got back out there. I called back and terminated my service and asked for a refund and refused any more service. They are of course trying to say I had my service so I get no refund. NEVER EVER EVER again. UGH frustrated!

Submitted by Kathleen Henderson from bremen

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.