During the month of December 2020, I tendered my formal 2week notice of resignation from my position as Pest Service Manager. My resignation was sent via email to Jeff Storck, Josh Coble, Steve Jarrell and Dan Zaccagino. Upon receipt of my notice, Steve Jarrell and I had a conversation, and he stated he would ask Josh Coble about making sure I’d be compensated for my unused vacation time.
Jarrell never discussed the matter further and several weeks after my departure, I sent emails to Kim Scott and Lance Martin, and instead of them responding, they had Dan Zaccagino reach out to me. Dan informed me that although I’d resigned in 2020, my last date of employment was January 4, 2021 and therefore, my vacation hours would not be honored.
With this being Terminix’s policy, why didn’t someone in the original email chain alert me of the fact? During my tenure at Terminix, I never took a day off and even when I requested vacation, during my wife’s heart procedure, I still worked every single day. Josh Coble can attest to this, as he saw me on our daily cadence. I also received an Equity Grant, for my hard work and due diligence to our customer base and to Terminix. Terminix has also recalled the unrestricted stocks I received. Is this how you treat your employees? Every month, I’d listen to Kim Scott speak about the FAMILY of the Terminix Nation, I guess I was the unwanted BLACK stepchild.
Now as for the reason for my unexpected departure. Albert “Calvin” Beadle was not only a co-worker, but in fact someone I considered to be family. Mere words can’t express my horror at hearing my friend, calling me vile names (Motherf—king Black Bast–d) in front of an associate. My initial reaction was to lash back at him, but I choose to take the higher ground and walk away.
Later that day, I spoke with Calvin and again was taken back by his vile language, which I realize now was done to trigger a physical confrontation. This did not happen, and I walked away when Calvin said he pretended to be my friend and could never befriend a “NEGRO”. I’m sure he wanted to say a racial slur, but there again, he wasn’t sure how I’d respond. A person can only take so much.
I often wondered why the associates treated me with disdain and sometimes visible hatred, now I know they were being influenced by Calvin Beadle. No matter how hard I tried to show them they refused to accept me, and it was due to my color. I’m sure upon receipt of this complaint, Beadle will summon his team of hate mongers and they will lie to save his reputation.
I also am aware that the Branch was on point to meet the metrics and make bonus, which I feel that I’m also entitled to. A search of my employment status revealed that my status is “FURLOUGHED”! Let’s take a look as to why? Could the loss of a Service Manager affect the bonus? I would venture to say YES! Apparently, the South Division is being deceptive and hiding information from upper management. My final day was January 4, 2021, why was I being shown as furloughed?
I spent 33 years of my life serving the citizens of Arkansas, as a Police Lieutenant, in Little Rock, Arkansas and have never been mistreated like I was at Terminix, due to HUE!

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.