If you are in Central Ohio and tempted to use Terminix, DON’T. They advertise and promise certain quality, but it doesn’t measure up. An honest company like Lowes or Home Depot would take the complaint seriously, and take back the equipment that is not what was advertised, no questions asked. Not Terminix. Its salesperson and office manager prefer to jerk you around, and then ignore the problem. The clear message from the local office manager: “if you aren’t satisfied, that’s your problem.” This after paying Terminix thousands of dollars for other work.

A reputable company would have some means to speak easily with someone at corporate headquarters (in Memphis) to address the issue. Not Terminix. You cannot speak to anyone there. Its website has an email address. When you set out the problem, you get back a meaningless email that gives you a phone number that takes you back to the same office where its people have been jerking you around. This strongly suggests that Terminix’s local manager, for whom customer satisfaction is a foreign concept, is following Terminix’s policy.

Avoid Terminix. There are plenty of better alternatives in Ohio.

Submitted by H from Columbus

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.