I hired Terminex in April of 2020 they were nice professional. It seemed they did a good job. Later on like a week later still had a major pest problem and I think it was worse.. So I called which was not hard to get through when your new. They came back out retreated and boom no effect . So as the months went by we got a different person coming to our house and he explained how we could not have dog food out and we needed a dehumidifier in the basement. So we would keep the dog food put up and fed the dogs twice a day and cleaned bowls out. I got a dehumidifier from Menards. Then as time went by we found out no effect. A year has almost gone by I cannot get a hold of Terminex no matter how long I am on the phone. I know they won’t talk to me because I am paid up. I finally got a hold of them through a text and I said cancel me service a day later they responded to my answer and said they were sorry that I cancel and wanted me to stay with them. Then they wanted a reason why I wanted to cancel. I said because you can’t kill a small minuscule bug!! End of story.
I did have Orkin come out before I cancel and they did a hell of a job best service ever is from Orkin!! Don’t waste your money with Terminix!!!!

Submitted by Joseph Fleming from Indianapolis, IN.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.