Induced to switch from conventional underground termite protection to the Sentricon system in late 2001. There were periodic “hits” on the  monitoring stations until Terminix ceased to monitor the stations in late ’04.  Called to report this in spring of ’05.  No response.  Left repeated messages, even to the manager Scott Haselton.  Finally in late April ’05, contacted headquarters in Tennessee and an inspector came out. Fall of that year I was informed that the system wasn’t so good and I was being switched back to conventional liquid subterranean protection. Meanwhile, I learned that in addition to the $599 I lost through switching to the “superior” Sentricon system, I’d also been making three annual payments for two types of protection (subterranean and drywood). One of the bookkeepers finally admitted that there had been overpayments and then said I’d receive a refund.  He later said that since there had been no overpayments in 2005, nothing would be done about the preceding years’ overpayments. Norma, the bookkeeper, said that I’d already been credited (gee, where did that go?  never saw it) and blurted out that I was cancelled because I’d made “too many complaints.”  Subsequently called the 800 number for Teminix, which informed me that yes indeed, Sentricon is still in use nationwide. Later spoke to a local representative who described the Sentricon system as “inferior.”  In any event, I paid nearly $600 for a system which may or may not be worthless, that was cancelled (despite a “lifetime” guaranty) without my being granted a refund.  Terminix will not even provide compensation for known overpayments in ’03 and ’04, and possibly ’02. I do have the check #’s for two of those years, and am awaiting duplicates from the bank.

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