Central Illinois

I have had a termite contract with Terminix for 3 years. I started out by paying in advance and then paying the next year in advance because they offered me a 10% discount for doing so. The next year they rebilled me for that year at a higher rate. This went on throughout the life of the contract. They would eventually agree that each year had already been paid, but only after two or three months of phone calls and letters. At installation they said they would check the Centricon traps monthly, but after two months said it would be quarterly.  The next year they said they would check them ONLY if I called in and said they needed to be checked, and then at their discretion.  (They checked some of the traps twice that year).  They then added traps out in the yard, saying it was too difficult to go behind the bushes next to the house to find them. The traps were high and were hit with the lawn mower in addition to looking obnoxious. This month they came and removed all Centricon traps despite the fact that I caught them half way through and forbid them to remove them from my property. I consider Terminix to be disreputable and dishonest.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.