Ive had problems with mice/ pests all summer. I have sprayed and left traps, but nothing seemed to be getting better fast enough, so I decided it was finally time to hire a professional. I saw on Terminix’s website that they had a special for a quarterly payment of $79. Which included a “comprehensive initial inspection of your home -inside and out- keeps your home protected.” Like most Americans right now, money is extremely tight. But $79 seemed worth it to bring a little sanity back. So I booked an appointment for Aug 10th, 10am-12pm. Redmond showed up right at 10, and was very nice. He sprayed the perimeter of the house, and put some mouse poison things inside my house. Once all of that was completed, he was about to head out. And I asked him about the inspection. He knew nothing about that, as he does not do inspections. I started crying because I did not need to spend $79 for someone to spray and put mouse traps down. That’s what I had already been doing on my own. Redmond was very nice, and tried to make me feel better.
The next day or so I got an email asking for my input about the appointment. I took the survey, I think giving 2/10 stars (only because redmond was nice) and explained that I could have done that myself, and hired terminix for the inspection.
The following days I seemed to have more mouse activity than I had prior to Terminix coming. So I wondered what some of the small black rectangles were, and called the Terminix customer service. The man I talked to was very nice, he said that he was pretty sure they were sticky traps. I said it wasn’t sticky (turns out the one i checked was upside down) so he said he would send out another technician to answer my questions. That was scheduled for Aug 20th, 3pm- 5pm. I woke up feeling sick, so I called terminix to cancel. That was a nightmare in itself… they suggested I have someone text me back rather than me wait on hold. I didn’t get a text for over 2 hours, when they finally texted me, I explained what was going on, but never got a response that made any sense. So Redmond showed up, on time. He called to let me know he was there, and i explained that I wasn’t feeling well, and my covid test results were not in yet, and had tried to cancel the appointment, and that i just wanted to know what the small black things were. He said sticky traps, and that was that. Very nice again. Maybe he scheduled an appointment for me to have an inspection… I don’t remember how I got that appointment, but it was for the following thursday, Aug 27th. On sunday, Aug 23rd, I got a phone call from someone with the phone number (502)377-5311, and they asked if they could come the following day. I made sure they were an inspector, and they said yes. Monday came and went, without any word from anyone. At that point I just gave up on terminix entirely. I did not expect anyone to come on thursday, because I assumed they had cancelled the other one. Billy called around 1:30pm on Thursday and said he would be here in an hour or so, but then was stuck in traffic, He finally arrived and did a full inspection. I said I was just worried about mouse holes, and he told me I had termites. He said he found some tunnels. I was surprised because the house had been treated for termites when I bought the house, in Jan 2018. I asked if they could come back that quickly and he said yes, and suggested I get some $2,500 package. I said, “I would be stupid not to, right?” and he said something about if I sell the house I’ll need to do it anyways, or something. Billy was very nice, very calm, and had a very trustworthy deminor. After he left I made a mental note that he was one of the few men I’d ever met that did not give me one single, tiny creep vibe. So I trusted him and wanted to do whatever preventative measures I could do with my 120+ year old house. We scheduled the treatment for the next day, Friday Aug 28th. He said someone would be calling me. At 8:28am on Friday I had a voicemail from Joe asking if we could do the treatment that day instead of saturday. I immediately called back and said that it was scheduled for Friday. He said someone should be there around noon and would call me when they were on their way. Around 10:20am 2 guys from terminix showed up. I was really confused because I didn’t get a call. At this point I was kinda annoyed with all of this horrible scheduling, and let them know I had thought they were going to call, and I was about to get in the shower. They were very apologetic, I said it was fine and showed them to the cellar, where the termite tunnels were. They were down there for a while, and finished around 11:45am. They were really, really nice, and I felt bad for giving them shit about not calling. They left and that was that.
At 12:45pm Terry called and said he was on his way. I said everything was done. He said it couldn’t be and he determined it was Jared and 2 other guys, I think he kept referring to them as the 3 stooges? The 3 something… anyways, he said they just did the vapor barrier, and he was the termite guy. I was very confused because I knew nothing about a vapor barrier being done, and went down to the cellar to find a vapor barrier. And i was like cool, ive been meaning to do that… So terry gets here and i take him to the cellar. He found the tunnels billy was talking about, and said I didn’t have termites. And that the treatment was a whole big thing with running hoses through my house, etc. So he didn’t do that part. I was so confused and upset at this point… I said “I only called you guys about mice” and he said “ha, salesmen.” i guess he put the termite traps outside, and then came back to tell me he was done. I asked if I would still be paying for some of the treatment, even though it wasn’t done because I didn’t need it. He said he would talk to his manager. Which kinda surprised me, because I just figured it would be an automatic yes. I later got an email saying Terry had completed the treatment. The next day i got an email saying jared was on his way, then immediately another email saying it was done.

Sometimes I would get a notification that someone was on the way, but most of the time I didn’t. Everything has been so weird and confusing, I feel that this is a tactic used to take advantage of frazzled, desperate people. It’s just so upsetting. I don’t have money. I agreed to this because I thought it would be irresponsible not to. My roof is leaking, I have a tree growing out of the side of my house, and I desperately need a gate to keep my tweaker neighbors off my property. But none of this can be done because Terminix wiped out my entire savings for a treatment I didn’t need. It breaks my heart.

Submitted by jessica woolard from LOUISVILLE

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.