Last month my wife and I contacted Terminex about a bat problem in our house. They sent an agent out who did an inspection and said we didn’t have bats, we had mice. We tried telling him it was bats, not mice but he insisted it was mice. We agreed to have a crew come out and do some work in our attic. We told them we had a bat problem. The crew leader insisted it was mice and that they couldn’t do the work that the agent promised. We had the service manager and the branch manager come out to our house to try and work out a solution. We told them both we had a bat problem, they said no, it was mice. I had to take two days off work. Two weeks after they came out we had a bat inside our house and we could hear more in our attic. We called the Omaha office and the service manager said he would come out and see how the bats were getting in. We never heard back from him so I called him. He said he wasn’t able to take a look at our roof because it was too steep and that he would have to get a sub-contractor to take a look. We messaged him several times to see if he found anyone but didn’t get a response. So we contacted another company and they came out and took care of our bat problem in just two hours. I have called and emailed and live chatted with their customer service department with our dissatisfaction with the job they did. We told them up front we had a bat problem and no one listened to us. Two days ago I requested a call from the branch manager and I was told he would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. He has not contacted me yet.

When the other company came out, they found 11 dead bats on the glue paper that Terminex put down in our attic mice. I had to pay $1000 for them to remove the bats and disinfect the attic and another $1200 to bat proof our house. Since they did the work we do not have any problems with bats.
We requested a full refund of the $700 we paid for a mice problem that we never had. We did not hear back from you and submitted a complaint tothe Nebraska Attorney General Office, the Better Business Bureau and Channel 3 News.


Submitted by Brad Scoles from Oakland Nebraska

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.