I am beyond angry and now I am spending part of my day off trying to fix the screw up that the Terminix associate (Alex Ross) made when he showed up unannounced at our home this morning 7/11/2020. We work nights and I was in bed asleep. Alex caught my husband up before he came to bed. Alex detailed a “deal” for my husband and agreed to email us the info so that my husband and I could look it over before deciding whether or not to go into a contract. Alex tried to get my husband to put a credit card or debit card “on file” and my husband refused. Alex then offered a “FREE INSPECTION” and flat out LIED to my husband saying that he needed his signature to authorize the free inspection. A few hours later we get a text message thanking us for choosing Terminix and listing a link for us to click on to review our “one year agreement!” When I clicked the link it welcomed us to our new agreement (that we DID NOT agree to) and stated that there was a $99 early termination fee.

I immediately called the home office 800 number, got a rep, went through all the above info and she escalated the call to a supervisor I sat on hold for 57 mins waiting for the supervisor to answer, no one picked up. I called back a 2nd time and the message stated that they were closed and to call back after 7am CST tomorrow. I found another 800 number for the corporate office and I am now on hold again waiting to speak to someone! I am into this for 2 hours on my only DAY OFF and if anyone at this point owes anyone a $99 early termination fee then you guys owe me.

Thanks for screwing up my day off Alex Ross. Better start looking up the legal term “Fraud in the inducement” and know that this had better go away TODAY or you will be dragged into court over it.

Submitted by Andrea Elkins from Frostproof, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.