I purchased my first home a few months ago and noticed baby roaches in my kitchen. Because of the purchase, I obtained a home warranty from the seller which included pest services. I booked my appointment through my home warranty company, who uses Terminix and they came out to do the job. Once they sprayed, they set up an appointment with me to follow up in two weeks. They also sold me on quarterly visits to start in June by putting my credit card on file. I specifically asked them if they are going to charge my card for this appointment and they said no, the charges will not start until my next appointment and it will only be $4 more than what I had to pay my home warranty company. So I gave them my card number and low and behold, a few days later they charged me $75. I called Terminix and the lady was extremely rude to me and dismissed me. The only options she offered was to call my home warranty company on three-way to let them know I had paid them. The Terminix rep fought with the home warranty rep until Terminix finally agreed to refund me the charge after insisting on speaking to their manager and threatening to file a formal complaint. Two weeks pass and they never came back to re-spray my home, as agreed. A few days later I start getting a bill in the mail for the $75 for the initial service. After going back and forth with Terminix unsuccessfully, I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint. The Terminix Manager insisted that what I signed was the contract for the initial visit and it was NOT – that was the agreement for quarterly service starting in the 2nd quarter because they were solicited by my home warranty company initially, not me. I paid the home warranty company. Currently, we are still in dispute via the BBB complaint portal, and I am planning to file complaints with the FTC and the FL attorney general… all over $75!!

Submitted by Adriane from OrangePark, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.