I have been a customer for a year with Terminix. My house was built in 1909. Initially, I wanted a company that will fumigate to get rid of roaches. Someone recommended me to Terminix, what a big mistake. An employee of the company came to evaluate/inspect the area, back in December of 2019. The person that the inspection stated my house, maybe in the future, be infested with Termites, although he stated that there were no signs of termites, so he recommended that I protect my house against them. I asked him how much will it be to fumigate for roaches, and for the termites. He stated that it will be $103.00 every month for 12 months using a credit card, and after that $62.00 a month, which has increased after the 12 months to $67.00. Well, I started my service back in December of 2019, they had set the bait stations for the termites, and they fumigated the home about 4 or 5 times for the year. Every time they came to fumigate, what they were doing was not effective, it seems that more roaches were coming out, not dead, but alive. It seems that they were bringing the roaches with them, and just throwing them in the house, when nobody is around. I had to call them back and tell them, that there are still roaches running around. They set up an appointment, which I must say is very inconvenient to fumigate again. They did, and still the same. No satisfaction. Called again after 2 months, explained to them that I have the same problem with the roaches. Set up another appointment, which again was inconvenient, they fumigated, no satisfaction. I decided to call them today and asked to cancel all my services. The lady asked me why I want to cancel, which I knew she was going to ask. I told her that the service that I was provided was a rip-off, and what they were doing was not effective. I asked her about the bait stations for the termites. She stated that they have to come to my house and take out the bait stations. I asked her why? I told her that I paid $103.00 a month for those 12 months and $67.00 for 2 months after, and you will take out the bait stations, she said yes that they have to. I became angry when she said that. In summary, I advise people not to hire Terminix for anything, they are a rip-off like I stated, and they are not effective in their service. Please do not hire Terminix. I made the mistake, do not do the same.

Submitted by Lindsay Beharry from Gainesville, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.