How about how terminix can tell us we are not getting our raise on April 1st as promised, it’s been frozen until October 1st, during the covid-19 pandemic, when families are especially stressed financially. Technicians are told to come to work, do the exterior service whether or not the customer approves it. We are so called “essential”. Preventative pest control. Really? Some pest control, I agree, is essential, but preventative, I don’t think so. The stress of walking into homes, not knowing what You’re going to come in contact with, because not all the jobs are exterior. And they’re going to say, sorry your wife or husband is not working right now, but we can’t afford at this time to provide you a maximum of 2% increase in your paycheck. I work in an office all day, thank goodness, for sanitizing wipes to wipe down the door knob every time someone goes in and out. Oh wait, I ordered them but they’re on backorder and who knows when they’ll come in. Not to mention, just before my son’s doctor ordered my son get tested for covid-19, my immediate supervisor said to me and I quote, ” just between you and me, anyone who goes out for this pandemic, it will count against them.” Hmmm.. I wonder how this will affect me? Our monthly MTG via phone. First thing out of his mouth is soon this whole Corona thing will be over and we’ll all look back and say,”wow did we overreact!” This is just the most evil company I’ve ever worked for. I’ll be looking for a new job while in isolation waiting for my son’s results. Don’t get a job here.

Submitted by C from Stroudsburg PA

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.