My family and I had just moved into a new home. We had an unfinished basement that had all kinds of pests crawling around. Also, the house had wasp nest in the eves and corners of the roof. I debated between Orkin and Terminix and let me tell you, I picked the wrong one. We were told that we would get a detailed report on the inside and outside of our home, that didn’t happen. We were told we would be explained a plan of action, that didn’t happen. No cobwebs were removed and no major cracks were taken care of. The gentleman that sprayed our house said maybe 12 words the whole time. When I opened the door he just walked in and started at the basement. Didn’t examine or explain anything. Weeks later, the ants (carpenter with wings) were way worse than before he got there, so I called to have him come back. I explained how the ants were coming out of all the vents, getting in our beds, and flying around mostly by windows. He nodded but didn’t say anything. Just sprayed again and, surprise, it didn’t work. I bought my own spray and pump and actually had way better results. So noticeable that my wife even noticed and said something! I signed up to have the house done quarterly and I wanted to cancel because it was a waste of money. The job was never done right or effectively! But they said I can’t cancel my plan and now I have to pay over $300 during the next year. What a waste of money. I am being forced to pay for something that is not effective and I do not want! Do not go with Terminix. Please explore all options.

Submitted by Derek Stiverson from Bryan, OH

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.