I was employed at Terminix, for over 12 years. Abuse, by management is a common thing, constantly. I started, out a termite technician, then moved to a pest route, and finally ended up in sales, where I spent the last 8 years, before I left. After, 4 years of abuse, by the branch manager, day after day, being told “ I will promote you, to your couch.” You, have out lived your time here in sales, the life expectancy, of a sales person, is only 2 years, and if a customer had only, house ants, Why, the hell, didn’t you sell, them termite work. Being, harassed, and bullied, is a common workplace habit, at Terminix. We probably, had more then 5, what they call Skip sessions, with our Human Resources Department, about the managers. Just, to hear them close the door, and hear the Human Resources People, tell them what you, were talking about, when it was supposed to be a private session. Yes, the walls are “ paper thin” you could hear everything, and the next day, those employees, would be Retaliated against. I walked out on my own, best decision, I have ever made. No More Terminix Abuse.

Submitted by C from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.