I currently work for Terminix as a Residential Pest Technician. Where do I start on why this is the worst job I’ve ever had in my life. To start I guess I should start with the pay. The current pay plan at Terminix (which was newly implemented in May of this year) is possibly the biggest scam going. The new pay plan is, I’m certain, designed to completely screw employees out of pay. The new pay plan is grading scale that uses metrics that determine what percentage of your commission you actually get to keep. There are 5 grading metrics that go into the pay plan. 1. Missed stops 2. Cancels 3. NPS surveys given to customers 4. Route completion for the month. 5. Manager score of your performance known as “work flow”. Missed stops are often out of your control. It doesn’t matter if a customer reschedules day or if its raining or if the call center or your manager or route planner schedules something wrong. Any missed stop for any reason is considered the technician’s fault. That is a direct hit to your pay. Cancels are often something you cant control as well. Customers cancel for all sorts of reasons. Some cant afford to pay for the service anymore usually because of lost job or they don’t feel they need the service anymore. Often times though it is because they are frustrated with rate increases or unhelpful customer services or managers. It doesn’t matter if the customer is moving or passed away, the company will view it as your fault you lost a customer. NPS is the survey the customer gets after the service is completed. The survey lets customers rank the service on a scale of 1-10. 8 is a neutral score that basically means nothing. 9 and 10 are the only positive scores you can receive. Anything below 8 is detractor and effects your pay. Often bad surveys will mention how they love their techs but then give a low score because of billing issues or promises that were not kept by management. Route completion for the month is almost impossible. They expect 99 percent completion to get full commission for that grading metric. But because of poor planning and missed stops and cancels that is basically impossible to accomplish. “Work Flow” is your managers opinion on if you follow the work flow steps set by the company. A 5 in this metric is the only good score you can have. Managers do not give 5s. I find it crazy because they never, and I mean never come out into the field to observe or help you at anytime so how they know if you’re following the work flow is beyond me. Because you only make commission only paid schedule stops make you money. But however, on any given day you can have multiple free extras scheduled and your manager can come up with any bull**** reason to have you come to the office before work starts or after it ends. You are also required to call customer 2 days in advance to confirm appointments on your own time. You are responsible for collecting suspended accounts. Even if you do good luck getting your manager or the call center to not screw up the processing of said payment. I work anywhere from 50-60 hours a week and at the end of the month I’m barely making minimum wage. This company is corrupt and unethical its not even funny. I’m not even gonna get into the Termite side of Terminix. That would be a 10 page essay of how they screw honest people over daily. You are however told you can sell services to make more money for yourself, good luck because more than likely your manager will key it in under themselves and steal any commission you made have made off of it. HR at terminix is a complete joke. They are definitely in cahoots with corporate. Completely unhelpful with any concerns or needs you may have. If you are considering taking a job with terminix or hiring them for a service just don’t. There are plenty of local companies that wont treat you as a cash cow.

Submitted by T from Pascagoula, MS

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.