Terminix came to my home to search for termites they did not find any evidence of termites but they found structure damage . I was told how they would fix the structure damage put Installation ,type of plastic on the ground this procedure would cost me around $4000-$5000 . I had someone go under the house to look at the repairs one place was repair two other places were not repair at satisfaction . The installation and the plastic was put down. I called The company to come out and inspect the work nobody would ever come out or return my call I am a senior citizen and disable and I feel like I was taken advantage of because they knew that I couldn’t go under the house but they had no idea that I would send someone else under there to check their work . I have not heard from them but they have send me a bill for 4000 and something dollars I think this is the terrible how they did to take advantage of someone who is disabled of age and not come back and guarantee that their work was completed. I asked them to come out and inspect . They haven’t returned my calls, answered my emails this is sorry beware!

Submitted by G from Humboldt Tn

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.