Glen Burnie Maryland branch I worked here for a few weeks only because I needed the money this company is a sales based company if you don’t upsell your customers meaning if u don’t try to sell the customers something they don’t need you won’t see any thing on your paycheck as a pest technician u make crap if u don’t sell to the customers u will make about 2 grand a month they try and make this to be the best company to work for in aspire training but if your not a sleezy sales men u can’t make any money tekesha is a manager there she try’s to make it seem like there this is such a great company but they suck spoke with Tom he’s does the training for aspire he acted like he loved the company so much but when we had drinks after work at the hotel he pretty much will let u know this company is completely full of ****. ******* scamming customers into paying for **** they don’t need no wonder this company looses 1900 customers per month

Submitted by T from MD

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.