We have been paying, annual contract customers for over 10 years and the service has gone from excellent and conscientious to careless and practically nonexistent.
The traps were oriignally diagrammed and on file in whatever office we began with.
After a few years and our contract being passed from one of their office locations to another, we had to escort whoever arrived to inspect/service the bait/traps around the property as the diagram seemed to be non-existent.
More recently, we have only had one or two visits annually to inspect the traps, replace the bait etc. and only then after calling to request what was already paid for.
We are paying almost $500.00 annually and receiving next to nothing for this service,
Our contract is up in August yet we have already received the new annual billing.
Amazing how the bill is quite early and our service is disappearing altogether.

Submitted by M from West Hempstead, NY

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