The Sales Manager at the Panama City branch has got to be the most dishonest and unethical manager in all my professional career. I worked for Terminix as a Residential Outside Sales Professional for just over a year and was recently terminated when I informed the Sales Manager that I intended to inform the Ethics department on an ongoing sale leads problem. Even with a policy against retaliation in place he still managed to get the termination authorized. I had never been written up or even given a verbal warning in the past. My close rate was 48% which was twice that of the corporate average and my last month there I was #3 in the region in total sales. I was able to accomplish this despite all of my leads being “picked” through by the Sales Manager, with many of the best leads going to his pet. In the end I came to realize this guy was getting 4 leads to my one in my area. I should probably explain how leads were to be assigned, as explained to me by the Sales Manager. Each OSP was assigned to specific zip codes within the branch region, whenever a lead was created by the call center it was then to be assigned to the OSP that was assigned to the zip code. It took me about six months to catch on to what was going on because sales and leads are not publicly available. But some technicians and other OSP’s started to inform me of the sales in my area being done by this one OSP. So I started to ask some questions and started to try an dig a bit more but was being told it wasn’t happening . Its important to note here that the Sales Manager and I had become very close and I trusted him very much and never wanted to believe he could have a part in the whole thing. We had been through being short staffed and working 70 hour weeks and to surviving a CAT 5 hurricane and going through the many challenges of the recovery together….this is what makes it all sting so badly. I truly trusted this guy so it took me a bit longer to get to the bottom of the problem. The justifications he gave me started at the lead system having been setup incorrectly, then went to the sales were customers who called him directly, to him actually acknowledging the problem and setting some corrective actions into place. But after 6 months of no real change and with loss in dollars lost getting up past $10,000 plus , I had finally reached the point where I felt no other options. I had met with the Sales Manager dozens of times, the old Branch Manager at least 3x’s and the new branch manager twice but had not had any luck in changing anything. Mind you, they all acknowledge it to be a problem, claimed to have addressed it with the OSP involved but nothing ever changed. In retrospect I should have known the Sales Manager was complicit in all the unethical behaviors he had told me he was against, but I didn’t see it because I thought of him as a friend an as a honest person. I was proved very wrong when he ‘trumped-up” an accusation against me for unethical practices….can you believe it….apparently no fear. This was within a week of telling him I intended to go to the Ethics Office, we were to meet one last time with the Branch Manager to hopefully come to an amicable resolution. After everything i had suffered, I still didn’t want anyone to get into trouble and I had always sought a local resolution. Under false pretense I was called into a meeting that was never about resolving the leads issue but instead was to terminate me before I had the chance to file my complaint with the Ethics Office. I provided a 3 page response to their termination points and contacted our 3rd party ethics company which was misleading because the investigation is not done by a 3rd party, but was done by the Human Resource Director who had to sign off on my termination in order to authorize it. This is not how the policy stated it should have gone….it clearly stated the Office of ethics would conduct the training which would have ensured an independent objective investigation. There were a few more things done that were not in line with documented procedures but that’s another problem….I provided the Human Resource Director with all my documentation which included emails, a timeline, even an email i sent to myself days earlier when i feared the retaliation…and a few notes. Three weeks later she writes me a one sentence response…”The investigation revealed no evidence of retaliation when the separation of employment occurred”. She never ever even asked a single question of me during the entire three weeks, she refused to reveal to me how the decision was made, shut down the investigation despite having told me I’d have an additional 48 hours to respond, never worked within the ethics portal provided which would have given historical accountability. Then refused to answer my questions concerning the reasons why she came to her conclusions. Hopefully, the next steps will be more objective and fair

Submitted by D from Panama City

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