My annual bill over tripled in one year. $329 to $999. I understand prices sometime go up but this is just unfair business practice. Are pest control companies regulated by some sort of government entity for fair practice? Can consumers unite to control things like this?

In addition. because I have spray foam in my house I cannot get any other company to insure me. SO I am trapped by Terminix who’s customer service is non-existent, I am afraid to say too much out loud because I need to have a termite bond. For now I guess I will have to pay the bill.

Just some background information, when I had an infestation in 2015 took them 5 months to stop making excuses and even acknowledge the problem. They finally did take action but it could have been so much less if they had reacted immediately. I had to close my small business for 16 months while this went on and I lost 35 pounds and suffered extreme digestive issues through it all. Then to get gouged with a bill like this after that experience is a bit much.

Submitted by S from Mobile, AL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.