We have a bed bug infestation. The mistake I made was to call Terminix. I agreed to $2400 contract and at first it seemed like a good choice. They showed up three times with more appointments scheduled. The bugs were not completely gone but we were winning the war and then they stopped showing up. I called the tech, the manager and only after about a month I learned my area was changed to another branch. Three months later and about thirty phone calls to the national number, because they refused to tell me which branch took over my contract, I eventually spoke with a manager out of Florida who tried to tell me my contract has timed out and they were not obligated to eradicate the bug problem just to spray for a certain amount of time. Reluctantly she reopened my account and sent another branch manager my number who actually called me. The new branch manager profusely apologized and scheduled an appointment. They showed up and sprayed after which time we made another appointment. That date came and went with another no show and no call. I have again been calling them for the last three weeks and again they refuse to call me back. Save yourself and do not hire a national company. Go local so if your not satisfied you can show up at their building and work out a satisfactory solution. Even if that solution is court.

Submitted by Tim Johnston from Sycamore

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.