salesman promised 2 employees for 1 day or more to remove insulation, clean up and fill all holes. 1 employee shows up with no trash bags no cleaning equipment not enough insulation and the wrong insulation at that. I loan him bags but he over stuffs them leaving mouse poo and insulation all over the house. I call the salesman and he promises me another worker. That never happens and after several phone calls a service manager comes out and agrees that a the work needs re checked. He agrees to call me on Monday. Well it is now Wednesday and no one has called me back. I reach out again to the salesman and at this point I am getting angry that they cannot do one thing as promised or right by this time. Service manager calls and will be at my house on Friday. Well Friday no one shows or calls and I find out that my service has been canceled because the worker, salesman and service manager all complain about me giving them a hard time.I had to hire someone else to clean up the floors and behind the insulation. They made a worse mess than before they came! I have a lot of pics to share!

Submitted by Michael & Elba Maul from Castle Rock, Co

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