LIARS! Would NEVER use again. Unethical and ineffective. The “technician” left a VM that he would service the next day with a specific time window of two hours. Next day: No show, no call and 2 people were home. Then their email arrives at Noon sharp stating that the service was completed!?! I called at 12:30 and the “technician’s” phone number from yesterday’s message did not accept messages since “the mailbox was full”?! After two more tries, the “technician” answers and says he was at my house but couldn’t give me a time (LIE), then said “nobody was home” (LIE), then “left a note on the front door” (LIE).

After being bounced between 4 different people for another 35 minutes on the 800-Terminix #, I said I wished to speak to a manager, but it never happened (“the branch office wasn’t answering their phones”????!!)–probably another LIE, and they said a manager would contact me within 24 hours.

When I said I don’t want the technician coming to my house (would you trust them inside your house?), 15 minutes later, he shows up and admitted he did not service the house (ok, one in the truth column). I cancelled and have already found a competitor that is half the price and doesn’t require a year-long contract.

Submitted by Mindy from Omaha NE

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.