To Whom it May Concern:

I found out that I had bed bugs in my home. I had used Terminex before and they were awesome so I called them immediately. They told me that my house was infested but they could take care of it but it would take a year. So they wanted $175 a month and we paid. Well the gentlemen that was our service guy showed up the first time. He said it was bad and he would have to return every seven days. So seven days went by nothing. 10 days went by nothing, so I called the office and told them the bed bugs were really bad and Sean (whoever he is) told me that my service guy was at a funeral his cousin was burned alive in his car. I felt terrible but I asked Sean if he had a replacement that could come and spray, I was told NO.

So a manager called me and said I am coming over to spray for you, a month later. So he apologized said it was his fault and that this would not happen again. I told him look you guys are spraying but after about a day the bed bugs are back in full force, and again I was told it takes a year to get rid of bed bugs.

I was so frustrated then my regular guy came back found out that I had hornets in my yard and went outside in the backyard and killed them. So I thought that was nice, he came back in and said okay I’ll see you in seven more days. I was flabbergasted he did not spray our house at all.

So I live in public housing and unbeknownst to me they kill bed bugs for free, so I told them what happened and they are debating on whether to sue Terminex cause they are not allowed into HAS properties. So public housing people came out and sprayed twice and I had no more bed bugs. I have never been so mistreated by them I was stunned and their lackadaisical attitude. They shafted me in more ways than one, they didn’t show up, they didn’t spray for bed bugs and they treated me like dirt, I guess cause I am poor. I am considering suing them cause I trusted them and when they made excuses I believed them and did not complain. I asked them to cancel the service since it didn’t exist and they said no, enjoy SMAC calling you constantly. They also sent what the considered proof of their outstanding work, it’s laughable because it showed in their own paperwork that they only came out twice. Service started in June, nothing, they did nothing. I will not pay this debt, you can hound me til the fat lady sings, and that’s me I don’t like singing LOL. I don’t want to be unpleasant to anyone but we were lied to and treated horribly with no service and laughing at my state of distraught. I was crying because my son was being eaten alive, they didn’t bite me I’m on a bunch of meds, but they just laughed at our plight. I said to the service tech would this be funny if it was happening to your family he laughed and said we would not get bed bugs that’s nasty. Like I am a nasty person, I am a clean person, I may have clutter but it is spotless underneath. I was so embarrassed when he said that to me. I hope that you understand my plight in this matter. I am hiring a lawyer and suing Terminex. It will take forever I’m sure but by God I am not going to be treated this way and abused cause I am elderly.

Submitted by Selina Goodwin from Springfield, MO

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