Work with Terminix in Ok. Have been in pest control for 6+ Years (not with Terminix for all of them) and I have to say it is not a business for the customers or employees. The pay plan was terrible and if you had a bad area barely made any extra money. The new pay plan is an improvement to be honest. I feel like Terminix is known for being the best regarding termites which is far from the truth. We (technicians) are allotted 25 mins per stop (we can do it in 20) have 2 hour windows to do 4-5 stops, sometimes that is ok and other times you may have a stop added to you which is 20 minutes or more away from you. Terminix has a rule that if it’s within 20 minutes you have to go do it. Altough don’t take into consideration that you drive 20 mins there, perform your duties (20-50 mins depending on job) then 20 mins back to your area. Didn’t I mention we have 2 hour windows that are full already. Rules change constantly and it seems to fit whatever the supervisor feels that day. Some days they’ll move the stop to someone closer others they’ll say oh you’re the closest go do it. So back to termites, termite annual inspections are a joke, 20 mins to inspect inside and outside of a home and they pay 250+ per year. I came from a smaller company and our owner said our termite inspections must be at least 45 mins. But we did a thorough inspection so 45 mins was a smaller home. So when I came to Terminix I was never told how they do inspections so I did them like I’d been doing them, and every customer told me that they have never had anyone inspect like that. That they felt they truly got their money’s worth. This is where I found out what previous inspectors done, walk around home flashing a light in corners and knocked down spider webs on outside… 15-20 mins… and sign here and they’re done.
There’s some good people at Terminix don’t get me wrong but overall the company has lost its way with customer service don’t get me started on the call center… that’s a story for another day.

Submitted by P from Oklahoma, Ok

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.