Been with Terminix under a year. It’s been a complete nightmare! I’ve been made to feel like I can’t get along with anyone, yet get 10 consistently in customer reviews. It started in the branch I began in. It is the good ole boy system all day long. It’s not about what’s right but about who is friends with the branch manager. So, one of the supervisors gave half my commission on a sale to another tech. I went to the branch manager he told him to fix it. Next thing I know the branch manager is personally giving my sales away. If it wasn’t for the main administrative assistant I¬†wouldn’t have gotten paid. I got transferred to another branch, of course good friends with the prior manager. The prior manager filled his head full of stuff, so everything I do is preconceived notions. I got wrote up for doing what the branch manager and the supervisor told me to do. The supervisor and office admin are working in cahoots to get me fired! Yet on my write said I was trying to do it to the admin. I am harassed everyday by the admin! I have to watch my pay like a hawk. She was off on my check by $700! She straight lies to the branch manager and supervisor and they both have complained about her not doing her job properly and that she lies, yet believe her. I went to HR about the problem and there question was “What do you want me to do about it?” I asked if there was going to be retaliation and assured me there wouldn’t be. Yet everything I do is under constant scrutiny and my words are constantly twisted by the supervisor and admin. We were short handed so I spoke with the vo-tech and told the supervisor. He told the branch manager it was for administrative staff. The entire school sees the post! He will return the supervisor and admin calls but not the tech calls!

Submitted by D from South and North carolina

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.