I contacted my local Terminix branch in Plantation, FL to spray the outside of my home for ants. The technician sprayed for ants and offered to inspect the rest of my home. He then informed me that I had a severe active rat infestation in my attic! I was shocked and disgusted to learn this from someone that I believed to be experienced in their field. I was told that he could send out a “rodent specialist” from Terminix that day to get rid of the rats, but I would first have to pay him a yearly rodent contract of $1,100, in full, before they would provide services. After making payment, a Terminix “Rodent Specialist” came to home, inspected the attic and set traps. NO RATS were ever found or evidence of active activity.
Terminix sold me a rodent contract through unconscionable acts of misrepresentation and consumer fraud and was completely scammed by Terminix. They have refused to refund my $1,100.


Submitted by Carolyn Krohn from Davie, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.