I was getting services and they come and spray and the roaches and the roaches never never left my house they kept coming out in and spray for a whole year this was going on I was complaining about the person that was spray my house I felt he wasn’t doing his job he told me the things that he was putting in my house and spray in my house so they still was there I had to move out that house and when I moved out the house the roaches came with me so I want to website and I see pets control so in the process of me seeing it I end up ordering things from pets control and I ordered 3 products the first product I still have the receipt I still have the containers I still have everything I got off the website pets control so the process of me looking at Pest Control I end up going through my emails so in the process of me going to my email I realize that the same products that’s on his website Terminix is using and it was a whole year and some change that they were coming to my house ordering the 3x products and I spray the house and I mean and I got rid of him in 30 days there’s none in this house and it was infested all Terminix did they bring them out they infest at my house more and then when I called the manager he came out he sprayed the house and they were still there they controlled them enough so they can keep getting my money because how does a person work for 20 years and killing pets and couldn’t get rid of my roaches it took a year to where I just stop Services I moved and I didn’t call them when I moved to another residents residence I did it myself and it took 30 days I don’t see one not a one and these are the same products that I know that they got and I paid them and pay them and pay them I don’t know nothing about Exterminating and I got rid of them in 30 days and I called and I asked for my money back cuz it says if they don’t get rid of the bugs money back guarantee and they will really upset with me when I start speaking facts it would be nice if someone can get in contact with me because I know that Terminix they are swindling people they’re taking their money and they’re not doing their job they’re keeping these roaches so we can keep calling them so they keep getting money and something needs to be done about this.

Submitted by Charlette from Palmdale, California

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.