This story will not help me now,but it begins in 2004. My niece found some little insects in the window sill and I said wonder what this is and she said they are termites. You sure I said. Hell yes I’m sure. So my wife called Terminix. She found them in the Ph. Book so they sent a Tech. out post haste and right off the bat he said yep you have termites so we sat down at the table and he went through his spiel and it was a 4 yr. contract costing I think 2400 . and 400 per year to keep it current. So he went under the house and said yep you got them bad. I said well treat them and get rid of them. He said Oh I can’t do that. I have to put in traps with bait to see where they come in at. I was illiterate and dumb at the time not having done any research/ which I found out later that if you see termites you have them and they know this and give you this B.S. about traps and all that and inspections and when they find where the bait has been eaten in a trap then they will treat the house. Guess what? None was ever found they did their monthly inspection to no avail and I did my research and found out that termites travel in tunnels .So I tried contacting them to no avail and finally set down and wrote a letter to the better Business Bureau and they said they forwarded it to Bloomington IN. Finally I got a call from Memphis Tenn. The home office and it is not terminix. MY letter was well thought out. I hand wrote it and wanted my neighbor to type it out so it would look better and professional and she having a lot of experience in customer relations for 40 plus years said NO Darrell this is the best I have seen and if this don’t get their attention nothing will. Well the lady from Memphis was very nice and said she was going to be my go between with me and terminix. Right. The Mgr at Bloomington finally got in touch and said they had tried many times to contact me which is not true. So we set up a meeting and he came and first thing is he put on his white protective suit and I wanted him to come in the house to look at my walls where they were eating through and he would not do it. He said he had to go under the house first. I had bought a extra contract with them for a moisture barrier for 500 dollars and he said that was what he was suppose to look at. Well I lost it. He said he would give me my money back for the barrier which is just plastic sheeting and about a week later my neighbor of 40 years died and I was so upset I didn’t know what to say when the lady called from Memphis and ask me was I satisfied. Well I had had enough of their B.S. and said yes forget it. Mistake. Just yest. I found another swarm on the side porch and found one in the bathroom last year but I am so angry with them that as I write this I know it’s too late to do anything about it now but maybe it will help someone else. If you see Termites. You have Termite. No inspections nothing. Just make them treat it. they won’t so send them on their way. I hope this company gets put out of business for fraud and whatever else they can charge them with.
Darrell Drake. Thank you for your time.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.