This particular instance began in July, 2016. Termites were found in my master bedroom. It was finally approved to go through insurance however this would be a long process. A subcontractor looked at the existing flooring and advised me that the flooring was not available. Would I come down to the showroom to pick another flooring. I took a morning off from work to honor his request. Finally the flooring had arrived and was scheduled to install. I was so pleased after all we are already into November, 2016. Two gentleman were in my home for two days removing the old flooring. They pointed out to me termite tubes in the baseboard.

The following day Terminix sent a man to drill. The men returned to continue laying the flooring. They had finished.

Upon my inspection I notice that the baseboard was not the same color as the new flooring. The men had used the old flooring baseboard and reapplied it. When I called Interior Concepts, and spoke with David he instructed me that he did not bid the baseboard in his quote.

Finally had a scheduled meeting at my home yesterday with David Gilmer here in Casa Grande to discuss the color issue. He did not attend instead sent Joel and his trainee Albert. Joel instructed me that he was there to look at termites in floor board. I disagreed with him the premise of the meeting was to discuss the different color baseboard. I pointed out to Joel that an arbitrator was needed and he left my home. I than called David Gilmer this morning who refused to pay for the baseboards. So here I sit with mismatched flooring in my master.

Submitted by Linda Moll from Casa Grande, AZ

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.