I have been trying since 16 August to get them to come out and do their annual bait station inspection/replacement that i paid for ….as part of my contract….back in August. It’s now early November, and to date….there have been MULTIPLE appointments….but something always happens. Either they:

1. Don’t show up
2. Change the appointment date/time without consulting me
3. Show up, but don’t do the work for one reason or another
4. Show up earlier than the appointment time, and don’t do the work “because i wasn’t there for the appointment” (of course, you came several hours BEFORE the appointment!)
5. Don’t respond to my attempts to contact them to explain why this keeps happening

I’m simply amazed how long this keeps going on, and how incompetent and unreliable they are. Honestly, if i could get someone else to let me “transfer” my contract that I spent over a $1000 for….I’d GLADLY change to any other company. I feel sadly I’m stuck with their horrendous service.

I HIGHLY recommend you consider using another company before subjecting yourself to what I’ve gone through with them. Oh, they did the exact same thing LAST year….my first year for the annual inspection. They came early…and didn’t do the work. Then the second time, they went to the wrong address/house. The third time LAST year, was “the charm”….and they finally got it right.

This year, we’re going on two months and so many attempts…I’ve seriously lost track of just how many times they’ve tried to do the annual inspection.

Two years, both times the same unreliable service. I’m thinking about trying to go to their local location and trying to look someone in the eye and get some kind of explanation for how this can keep going on and on.

It’s like “Groundhog Day”….the movie, I just keep reliving the same incompetence from them over and over………….

Submitted by T from Montgomery, AL

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