I called Terminix because I had a rodent problem in my attic. They came out and said I need to replace my installation as well as termites outside. I was told it would be 150 a month. Then I am being charged $187. But it gets better. They came to remove and replace my installation, to fill in holes to keep them from getting in and did the termite stuff. The busted my pipe in my back yard, and never set any traps in my attic, didn’t seal all the holes up. There was more activity up there then before I called. I ended up having to buy my own traps and catch them myself. About 25 rats in all. I did the survey and gave all zeros. Got a call from a manager apologizing that my pipe had been left 21 days with no one coming to fix it…no traps being set, this was frustrating. I hired them to catch the rodents. Finally they sent after 21 days someone to fix my pipe and put some traps…Really? why wasn’t this done first, they cant catch themselves.
They guys then were asking my what they needed to do when they got there. The was disappointing. then I was angry for the run around and called the agent who originally came out and her immediately came to my house. He said the first crew failed to seal all the holes in the roof, no traps set and didn’t seal off the garage where they were coming down from the attic. He said he would fix everything and get me some compensation. That was a joke. He said he would also come back and personally check the traps. Then again he would make the appoint and not show or call. This business it horrible. He tried to blame others but he was doing it to. The manager a originally spoke to said I never called him back. Which I did and left my number and email. If you know you broke a pipe at a customers house you as a company should be following up not just saying I forgot. FULL of excuses. This has went on for months and the guy who said he would help fix it will not answer my calls or texts. he fell of the face of the earth. Now they want their money for a crap job and wont even return my calls. They charge me for 1000 ft of installation but the guy who installed it said he only put 800 sq ft. so these people are liars. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING. Not to mention they tried to say my new installation didn’t get feces on it after 21 days of no traps up there. Do they think i’m stupid.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.