The Worst Damage You’ve Seen

“What is the worst kind damage you’ve ever seen – is it in my house?” Curious potential clients and clients routinely ask our lawyers some version of this question. The worst we’ve seen is powder post beetle damage that is uniformly throughout a house. The girders and joists throughout the whole crawl space look like what is seen in the video below. In the living area above the crawl space there are diagonal cracks that appear at the corners of the doors and other sensitive structural areas. The doors will no longer close and floors are falling away from the baseboards. The process of the home collapsing onto the ground has begun. The home also has termite damage but the worst of the two is the powder post beetle damage.

Several years ago the client got a pre-sale inspection report that didn’t mention any powderpost beetle infestation. Paul Bello, one of the leading consulting entomologists in America, confirms that there would have been extensive evidence of structural damage and thousands of exit holes in the wood. None of this was ever disclosed. What is the lesson of this experience? Never accept your pest control company’s claim that they are not responsible because the damage would not have been visible during inspection. There are lawyers and independent experts who can evaluate such claims.

Instead of turning your home over to the bank and ruining your family’s credit, it is probably wise to have a free consultation with lawyers who have handled similar claims in large numbers across the country for decades. 

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