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If you have bricks or mortar cracking, it could be a sign that the walls of your home are collapsing due to termite damage. Most homeowners have no idea, however your termite company does.  Also, few know that brick walls are not the structural support for your home: they are mostly for decoration. The wood walls behind the brick are the structural support for the home.

Brick walls are referred to as “veneers” in the both building and termite trades. They are attached to the structure by what’s are known as “brick ties”. A brick tie is a piece of corrugated galvanized metal that is nailed to wooden studs and plates in the exterior walls. Then the brick tie gets sandwiched between the opposite end of the tie and the mortar between the bricks.

This is a trial exhibit for an upcoming case in Mobile, Alabama. The bricks and mortar above the garage opening developed cracks. Our entomology and building experts did not even need to dig into the Sheetrock inside the garage. It was immediately known to them that the wood in the wall was collapsing because it had been eaten up by termites.


As gravity compressed the wall, the brick ties pulled on the brick which formed cracks. The defendant’s expert (a contractor) and the defenses’ lawyer looked at the wall in question. The lawyer wanted to know if the larger piece above the door (known as a “header”) was damaged by termites. So he had the contractor dig through the Sheetrock with a screwdriver. What was discovered behind it turned out to be what our experts knew, termites had shredded the header.

Get help immediately if you suspect termites from sources other than your termite company. Never trust your termite company for an accurate diagnosis. Your termite company will try to minimize how bad the damage is and most homeowners will readily accept the false report. This is because homeowners will often subconsciously believe that their home has only minor damage. So if a report fraudulently concludes everything is fine, then it will likely meet the homeowner’s expectations: thus they are easily allowed to be deceived.

No matter how inconvenient it is to believe that you might have a major problem, you must accept that you might. Get help from experts and lawyers who can properly evaluate your situation. Be sure that they have termite experience, especially Formosan Termites. You never know what could be uncovered, if the client had not gotten the right help they may never have known that that the whole garage wing needed to be replaced.


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