Terminix Wants to Ban 85 Year Old Grandmother from Facebook

425410_10150944952017987_1687032238_nLawyers for Terminix asked a judge at a pretrial hearing to enter an order prohibiting use of Facebook, YouTube and other social media as a way to look for witnesses in a fraud lawsuit.Terminix lawyers asked this of Crenshaw County Circuit Court Judge Terri B. Lovell.

Francis Phillips, an eighty-five year-old widow’s home is so damaged by termites that experts say it has to be torn down. The elderly widow was charged for termite prevention treatments by Terminix for ten years.

State regulators investigated and found that Terminix did not provide the service and violated state pest control laws.

The annual inspections only lasted ten to twenty minutes. They missed the fact that her home was being slowly destroyed by termites. Regulators have testified those inspections for homes should take twenty-five minutes to one hour.

Now Terminix wants to prevent their fraud victim from locating other local citizens who also got sham inspections and fake treatments. The jury trial for civil fraud is set for August 13 in Luverne, Alabama.

Terminix has annual revenue of at least 1.3 billion dollars, its Chicago law firm delayed the case for seven years. Their lawyer argued that the Facebook, YouTube and other social media posts are “whipping folks up” and it needs to be ceased. Terminix failed to cite any law that prevents publicizing the need for witnesses. 

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