Terminix Under Criminal Investigation: The Dangers of Methyl Bromide in Pesticides

Do you know how dangerous Methyl Bromide is? A vacationing family became extremely ill after exposure to a chemical known as Methyl Bromide which was used in a nearby fumigation. Now the company responsible for the fumigation (Terminix) is under criminal investigation.

The Esmond family rented a luxury condominium at a St. Johns Resort for their vacation. At one point two Terminix employees fumigated the villa below theirs. That’s when the family became ill. A lawyer representing the family disclosed, “The older boy had blood in his lungs and his heart was failing, and the other boy suffered brain damage. The father, who is also in bad shape, can’t talk. Since the mother had a lesser degree of exposure, she was able to be released into occupational therapy.”

In the aftermath of the case, the U.S. Justice Department has launched an investigation into the local office of Terminix and ordered that it pay a $10 million fine.

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Former employees and other victims  are encouraged to step forward and help expose the facts relating to Terminix operations that result in damage that devastates individuals and families.

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