Terminix Fails to Present a Defense In Fraud Case Over Termite Services

Terminix chose not to present a defense against allegations of fraud. The accusations resulted from out-of-pocket injuries to a home in Mountain Brook, Alabama from $450,000 to $550,000. Terminix neither called a single witness or offered any evidence to refute the allegations. Consumers in Alabama have historically seen fraud from Terminix before.

In years prior, a former Terminix Termite Inspector testified that managers admitted to misusing her employee number and so they could create counterfeit information that led to the conclusion that service had taken place when in reality it had been skipped. In another case, a former Termite Service Manager from Terminix’s Huntsville branch filed thousands of pages of evidence with Alabama Regulators in 2008 which resulted in a raid by the Department of Agriculture. The raid turned up evidence that showed that thousands of termite inspections each year were falsified. They concluded this because not enough employees were hired to perform all the inspections documented. As a result, the Huntsville Office was charged with civil penalties of tens of thousands of dollars and the firm’s license was put under probation for one year. 

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