Terminix Contractors Guilty in Child Brain Damage Case

sunlandA recent article reports that Sunland Pest Control, a company subcontracted by Terminix, has plead guilty to using pesticides illegally in the treatment of a home. Consequently, a young boy was left brain-damaged after inhaling pesticide left over from the home treatment.

The Terminix subcontracted company posted a notice on the family’s door stating that it was safe to re-enter. However, the home hadn’t been ventilated properly according to investigators. The nine-year-old and several other family members upon return to the home inhaled the toxic fumes and became the of victims of pesticide poisoning.

The company could face up to $500,000 in fines for false statements made during the course of the investigation, as well as up to five years probation. A small price to pay for permanently damaging the boy’s quality of life.

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Former employees and other victims along are encouraged to step forward and help expose the facts about Terminix operations that result in devastating damage to families.

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