Terminix Admits Chemicals Don’t Work, Refuses to Retreat Homes


In sworn depositions, Terminix admitted that one of its most widely used chemicals does not prevent termites. Pryfon 6 was used nationwide, yet Terminix refuses to retreat homes.

This photo is of a wall Terminix claimed to fix for an elderly lady in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bottom is a sill plate in the garage. Above it are the remaining shreds of a stud that is completely consumed by termites.

Even though Terminix knew termite damage occurred at this house because Pryfon 6 had been applied in 1989, the company never reapplied a complete barrier. The only homes Terminix retreated were in Florida, where they were compelled to do so by the state’s Attorney General.

Knowledgeable lawyers who handle termite claims should know when the various termiticides wear-off.

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