Oops! Terminix Gets Caught Hiding Seven Years of Computer Data


A Crenshaw County, Alabama judge ordered Terminix to present a corporate representative to provide sworn testimony about why every byte of computer data it created and maintained for seven years is missing. The data relates to two homes that were under a termite bond held by Terminix. They were being sued by both the homeowners and the state regulators ruled that satisfactory termite prevention service was not provided. What the information was and what it reveals is a mystery.

There is a gap of seven years in the data (May 1997 to midway through 2003). The Terminix representative that the company chose to present swore that the company understood its duty to the Court to look for an explanation for the missing evidence but that they couldn’t come up with one.

It seems that the largest termite company in the world is having the hardest time keeping up with the records and data it bought from another company it took over for a purchase price of $92,000,000. There has been no theft of its home office computer database. There is no cyber attack as far as we know. However, on the eve of the trial, Terminix admitted that it just can’t seem to find its computer records – any of them – for a period of seven years.

In cases in Alabama, “destroying, hiding, concealing, altering, or otherwise tampering with material evidence” allows a jury to determine that the shenanigans prove the “validity of the plaintiff’s claims.”

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