Moisture Doesn’t Cause Termites

Termite Company Excuse: “Moisture Causes Termites”

Taylor Abbot explains that when companies blame customers for termites by claiming “moisture causes termites” they are fibbing. Any reputable entomologist will tell you that moisture in wood or soil does not cause termites. In fact, the concentrated chemical used to kill termites is diluted with water. The chemicals are mixed with water to distribute the chemical in the right concentrations. If water made the chemical ineffective then it would be used for making the pesticide solution. 

So if your company is claiming that moisture caused the termites in your house, then they are playing games. If they lie to you about this then what else could they be lying about. So as a precaution, you should contact independent council that has experience with and knows the about Termites infestation. 

Your termite company has a built-in reason to claim the problem is something other than the one you paid them to prevent.

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