When to Call a Termite Lawyer

When your termite company comes to inspect a termite infestation there is a good chance they will try to deceive you. Instead of notifying them of the situation you should call a lawyer first. They will try to get you to believe they “caught it early.” But if your baseboard is damaged, the odds are there is massive damage inside the surrounding walls, attics and crawlspaces. Termite companies can easily mislead homeowners that only minor damage exists. This is partially because homeowners want to believe that financial ruin is not lurking behind their walls. Too often it is. Instead of notifying them immediately about the situation you should call a lawyer first. Remember to stay focused, document everything, and be skeptical of everything your termite company says. Take none of this advice lightly, your family’s well being could be on the line.

Properly performed termite prevention service would work almost 100% of the time. Let folks who understand why that is a fact figure out how the termite company failed to protect.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.